SEO For Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent? Doing SEO for real estate agents? Someone looking for porn featuring real estate agents?

Ok, I’m joking about the last one.

Anyways, Andrew Goodman at Traffick (another killer blog, especially on the PPC front) posts about the upcoming problems real estate agents are going to face as they risk being cut out of the Google/Craiglist value chain.

What can you do to get around this problem? Consider blogging. A personal, local perspective can be unique, valuable, and, to paraphrase Seth Godin, worth remarking on (read: easier to get links).

It is one approach that cannot be aggregated by the big players in the real estate space. Generic price and location data can aggregated more easily.

  1. wrmineowrmineo04-19-2006

    Great information and advice.

    I’ve been approached by some real estate and travel agents in my local community for help with their websites.

    The biggest problem I see with these type of sites is that they’re full of duplicate content that they get from “higher” echelons in their corporation … the cookie cutter sites are costing them money and time (more money) and doing them little good – the blog suggestion is a viable alternative.


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