The Three Page Search Engine Optimization Technique

This is actually an old article, but I’m often surprised that it has passed under many SEOs’ radar. It is still relevant today, and is a very powerful technique.


Take a look.

As you probably already know, search engines return pages, not sites. The Three Page Optimization Technique is an easy, and valid, way of turning one page into three. It also gives you a chance to write more descriptive links, and gives you further opportunity to target your visitors.

This is a particularly useful strategy for anyone doing SEO on e-commerce sites. You can easily target visitors at different stages of the purchase cycle – i.e. those who are browsing, those ready to purchase, those making comparisons etc – instead of trying to make one page do all the work.

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    One of the best articles on SEO by one of the best SEO’s.

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    that’s quite interesting… thanks.

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