Google Mobile Voice Search

The problem with the mobile phone is that it is small, meaning that keyboard input is, at best, slow and bothersome. So, it is no surprise that Google, any other companies, are looking into voice as an input mechanism.
Google have just got approval on patent No. 7027987, for the “voice interface for a search engine”. The inventors include Sergey Brin.

“the market for mobile search is expected to be huge: A recent Piper Jaffray research report forecasts that it will reach $11 billion by 2008”

If estimates are right, that’s almost as big as today’s entire paid search market.

What does this mean for search marketers?

Obviously, see how well your site performs on mobile devices. A lot of browser dependent code isn’t going to cut it, lest you want the search engines to decide how to display your page to users. Here’s a good article on how to make handheld friendly style sheets.

  1. John ScottJohn Scott04-18-2006

    This is particularly true in Japan. A study here indicated that the majority of Internet access was done by mobile phone, not PC. Seems Japanese live on their mobiles.

  2. DebDeb04-18-2006

    is it true that XHTML is the language to use when programming for this market? Combined with CSS.

  3. JuggoPopJuggoPop04-18-2006

    Again… another nice chunk of information that’s worth checking out further. Thanks. 🙂

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