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Up until late last year I was entirely anti-blog. Blogging takes information that could very well be maintained on one site and spreads it around on different domains. Finding the good information can seem like an Easter egg hunt. My preferred method of information sharing was via SEO Forums.

But something happens with SEO Forums. The same questions get asked again and again, ad infinitum. Today, for instance, one member posted a How do I rank in Yahoo? thread. I did a forum search for previous threads on the same topic and came up with 500+ posts on the topic.

Blogs tend to have a higher signal to noise ratio. Instead of the discussion being driven by inexperienced members, the community leaders drive the discussion with relevant, insightful posts. Or, entertaining posts.

Anyhow, I figured it was about time for V7N to have a search marketing blog. Nobody does irreverence like V7. So here it is. Enjoy.

  1. JuggoPopJuggoPop04-18-2006

    Glad to see this here. I’m adding it to my daily reads… I’m sure I’ll learn something.

    As far as the comment about blogs being focus driven… all I can say is welcome to web 2.0 (God I hate that term)… If things progress the way they have been there will be no need for a “forum”, as the whole web will have evolved into one huge forum. Bloggers as thread posters… and you can build your own theme as you make your way across the web. 😉

  2. ToddWToddW04-18-2006

    Looking forward to reading this blog. I agree having the info in 1 place is a great reference, especialy when it’s not under 5,000 pages of a forum 🙂

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