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Google Unhappy With Microsoft’s Plans For Search Traffic

Woo-baby. Check out this story, which is reportedly to be published in Monday’s New York Times. “The new browser includes a search box that is typically set up to send users to Microsoft’s MSN search service. Google contends that this positions Microsoft to unfairly grab Web traffic and advertising dollars away from its competitors. “The market favors open choice for …

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Adsense Strategy: Merging Navigation

V7N Blog reader Andreas Kraus has picked up the ball and run with it 🙂 Andreas has a great, succinct post demonstrating how to merge Adsense into site navigation.

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Do Outbound Links Help Your Site?

Many SEOs speculate on the precise formulas that the search engines use to evaluate sites. Many, of course, haven’t a clue. They’re repeating something they’ve heard from someone else, who heard it from someone else, and so on, and so on. Ask ten different seo’s if outbound links help, you’ll get a wide variety of answers, some of which might …

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MSN AdCenter Changes, Rollout

According to this site, AdCenter will undergo a major update in May, followed by a rollout in June. I’ve been using AdCenter for a while, and while it takes a bit of getting used to, it’s a great marketing tool and a valuable addition to the PPC space. With Microsoft behind it, you know it’s going to be a major …

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Adsense Strategy: Text Is Design Too

As Kitchen Designer rightly points out, another interesting technique that leads to higher click-thru rates is the way you format the text of the Adsense unit. You have control of the following variables: Border Title Background Text URL Try setting the background and border to the same color as your site background. Next, change the title to the same color …

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