How to Promote Your Blog

I have been asked a few times, How do I get traffic to my blog? I’m often amused by it, because I am a total newbie to blogging and I’m sure there are other folks out there who could give much better answers. But I might as well add my two cents to the topic, based mostly on what keeps me interested in a blog.

Daily Updates
The easiest way to forget about a blog is to not visit that blog for a while. And the reason I wouldn’t visit a blog for a while is because it hasn’t been updated for a while.

So update daily.

Be Human
Just because you are writing stuff that ends up on the Internet doesn’t mean that you are Bill Gates. I like reading blogs written by humans who are human. You have personality in the offline world, and I’m sure that personality is evident in the way you express yourself in your offline conversations. The same principle applies here online. Don’t be afraid to show your readers who you are. Have flair. Be flairful.

Read Comments
If somebody pays attention enough to read your blog and then takes the time out of their life to comment on a post you’ve made, you really ought to read the comment and reply where it is appropriate. You may be interested in what they have to say, but they aren’t going to know it if you don’t acknowledge them.

Get Networked
The blogosphere is a network. Be part of it. Link to other blogs you read and maybe get a link back. Have you read something good on somebody’s blog? Comment on it on your blog and spread the link love.

In the world of blogging, those link hording bastards who never link out to anyone are outcasts and deserve to die lonely deaths. Or at least that is how they are perceived.

Many a drivel regurgitating moron has more linkage than I do, just due to extensive networking.

Network your ass off. Network your ass off. And finally, network your ass off some more.

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