Business Management 101

I hear all the time people saying they are too busy for this, too busy for that. Since starting the SEO contest, I’ve must have heard a hundred times that no real SEO would participate because they have no time for such silliness.

It’s a comment that always grates on my ears. Many online businesses have no common sense when it comes to the actual business of business. A lot of folks online have no background in business management, but still it is an inexcusably ignorant comment.

The primary purpose of business is to turn a profit. No matter what the corporate charter or mission statement says, businesses exist to make money. The sad fact of life here is that businesses most often turn a profit by employing people to do the work for us, while we in turn drink coffee at Starbucks, travel the earth in gas guzzling SUV’s and otherwise not pay attention to business matters. That is the way of capitalism. That is the way of business.

To take it to an extreme let me define business in its purest form as no actual work, just profit taking.

If I were to pay somebody to set up a site selling web design services, then pay another company to promote such a site, and pay yet another to handle customer inquires, sales and the actual work of web design – that would be the business of business. If I were to take nothing out of the company except for a 70% mark up, that would be close to pure business.

“Successful” and “too busy” aren’t really that compatible. Too busy and understaffed are perfectly compatible.

Business is about profits. Everything else you’ve heard is just marketing hype.

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