Why SEO Is Filthy

Some people like to refer to themselves as “SEO Professionals”. A bit pompous, in my opinion. It’s sort of like the garbage man who refers to himself as a “Sanitation Engineer”. It’s wrong. Engineers usually have degrees. Engineers usually don’t go home with diaper doody on their shoes.

Same goes for “SEO Professionals”. Here are a few definitions of “Professional” courtesy of Google:

  • a person engaged in one of the learned professions
  • engaged in by members of a profession; “professional occupations include medicine and the law and teaching”
  • person whose work involves making judgements in situations where even knowing all the facts does not make it clear what would be the right course of action. Recognition of the difference between a profession and other forms of occupation is credited to the Greek doctor, Hippocrates, who lived 2500 year ago but the current range of different professions did not begin to emerge until the nineteenth century. Professionals normally have a code of ethics, take the trouble to keep their knowledge and expertise up-to-date and are paid to enable them to devote their time to using and improving their skills.
  • A person who has received education and training in a specialized area.
  • One who receives monetary remuneration for playing golf.

    Ok, so that last one doesn’t apply. But the others do.

    But what is an SEO? Well, there are two types of SEO.

    Type “A” – The Content SEO
    The Content SEO is dead. No, really, it’s official. I said so.

    Content SEO is the blubbering, repulsive trash that litters the Internet with billions of pages designed, not for humans, but for search engines. Content SEO is responsible for drivel such as this:

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    Does this copy convert? Maybe if you’re a crack addict. Does it achieve top rankings for the targeted keywords? Not by a long shot.

    SEO copywriting is a nuisance. A thousand SEO copywriters have tried for top rankings for web hosting, and every other big money search term. They will always fail. They will fail because real SEOs rely on the power of anchor text and inbound links.

    Type “B” – The Anchor Text/IBL SEO
    This type of SEO dominates the SERPs. He spends all his time getting links. Link requests. Link buying. Blog spamming. Guestbook spamming. Forum spamming. Referral log spamming.

    So, what choice do you have? Either incompetent content SEO, or the effective link building SEO which ends up spamming thousands of guestbooks, blogs, forums and /or building their own network of blogs to spam.

    Either way, it is a dirty job. Even writing about it makes me want to take a shower.

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