Copywriting and Content SEO

The Content SEO vs Anchor Text SEO debate has been popping up in many forums and blogs. Insofar as many people consider myself to be the highest profile of the anchor text SEO proponents, I feel a certain responsibility to keep beating this dead horse until it’s so dead that no moron will come near it.

“Creating artificial link pop – i.e., buying links – costs money.” Using this as an excuse to not buy links, the content SEO group promotes content generation.

“Create pages and pages of good content, and people will link to you.” This is true in certain cases. CNN. Google. eBay. New York Times.

But the majority of websites – 99.9% – could throw up regurgitated content until they are blue in the face and still not see enough inbound links to make a serious difference in their search engine rankings.

So, how much does copywriting cost? On a recent job, we were needing 40 pages of copy written. Including product descriptions, staff profiles, corporate history and such. I prepared and sent out a RFP to several copywriters. The following are rates I was quoted by various web copywriters:

  • $2 per word
  • $2 per word ($500 word min.)
  • $ 0.75 cents per word
  • $.50 per word.
  • $1.00 per word
  • $300 per page
  • $500 per page
  • $850 per page
  • $1 per word
  • $350 per Web page
  • $250 per page
  • $150 per page (500 words text).
  • $2.50 per word ($5,000 mimimum)
  • 80¢/word
  • $500 / page (250 word max.)
  • $2,000 per diem
  • For our complete project, we were looking at $20,000 to $30,000 for the entire job.

    Think about that. Copy is good and all – for marketing. Copy is best served in tiny, tiny doses. The consumer attention span is next to nil. You’d be lucky to get the consumer to read one whole paragraph. There’s no sense in creating pages and pages of content just for the sake of search engines.

    That $20,000 would be better spent on links.

    PS. If anybody writes good copy cheap, feel free to PM me on v7n. I need copy written for Seattle, Las Vegas NV Online and VW Lovers. And I’m a tightwad when it comes to paying for copywriting. 😉

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