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Jakob Nielsen on SEO

John Scott: Dr. Nielsen, you’re recognized as the foremost expert on web usability. Can you tell us a little about yourself, personally and education-wise and how you became Mr. Usability?

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How to Promote Your Blog

I have been asked a few times, How do I get traffic to my blog? I’m often amused by it, because I am a total newbie to blogging and I’m sure there are other folks out there who could give much better answers. But I might as well add my two cents to the topic, based mostly on what keeps …

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Peter Da Vanzo Interview

After way too long, I decided to finally get around to interviewing Peter Da Vanzo. His Search Engine Blog is one of the few sites I read on a regular basis. Somehow, Peter D. finds the time to stay on top of all the search engine news, and formats it in a uniquely interesting way.

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Expired Domains

There has been a lot of money and energy put into tracking and snapping up expired domain names. Some tools allow you to track soon-to-expire domains or domains that have already expired, and see not only the web directory listings (Yahoo, DMOZ), backlinks and PageRank, but also the Alexa ranking and number of pages belonging to that domain that are …

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Bloggification Of eBusiness

I notice a growing trend of folks using their blogs in lieu of a commercial site. One of the better blogs that falls into this category is Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. I really doubt he needs to advertise himself, but I do believe he receives quite a few inquiries through his blog.

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