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Inktomi SEO

A guide to optimizing for Inktomi. Inktomi currently powers parts of Overture, HotBot, MSN, LookSmart and a few other sad search sites.

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Copywriting to Sell

Definitions SEO copywriting is writing copy (text) with the specific purpose of ulitizing that copy to target specific search terms. Copywriting is writing copy with the specific purpose of impressing the prospect, creating brand awareness and ultimately affecting a sale. In this article we will focus on ad copywriting; see SEO Copywriting for tips on copywriting for search engine optimization.

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Interview – John Cox of Xaraya

This is to be the first of several interviews with respected web professionals.

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How to Design a Forum Skin

This article originally posted at JuggoPop’s V7N Blog, which no longer exists. How to skin a forum – the juggopop way 🙂 Here is what I want to cover: Basic forum software How to start CSS editing Header design Button design Extra graphics Overall finishing touches Basic Forum Software I would like to take a second to explain what community …

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Inktomi vs Google

A common misconception exists. It states that Google’s search results are highly relevant, and light years ahead of other search engines.

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